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Care Groups

Our Goal

We want anyone affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use to have the chance to be part of a loving and supportive family, benefit from healthy relationships, and enjoy mental and physical wellbeing.

The healthy relationships become worsen by utilizing drugs and liquor.

We empower family members and cares, influence decision-makers and support frontline workers to prevent this from happening.

Quite often barriers to recovery include prejudice and stigma which can cause harm but we treat families and individuals with drug and alcohol dependence with respect and dignity.

What Is Most Significant To Us

We know that people who face challenges often also have answers as we listen to families and frontline workers.

We are informed by our compassionate support workers and using this evidence we can support and empower both people affected by the drug and alcohol use of a loved one. We establish opportunities, support system, instil assurance and direct the way so both groups can assist themselves, their colleagues, customer and the society.

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What Works Drives Us

The effect of substance use on family relationships and well being is both varied and profound. We know what works in the real world and model our approach to this.

We collect information from lot of sources in many forms, providing equal importance to real life experience and turn to research evidences to further strengthen it. We are led by our companions, supporters and associates and the information they provide on what works best.

We're Not Kidding About Our Primary Goal

We are serious about our work, and our partnerships, and dedicated to providing them with the extreme quality. We'd like to witness a community free from criticisms directed to drug and alcohol users as well as their families, and we will do what it takes to make this a reality.

Who We Work With

Families, colleagues and carers: We notify and enable those impacted by an individual's drug abuse and magnify their message to make sure they have a support in the problems which concerns them. We develop confidence, enhance the capacity of experts to provide treatment and support in best possible way. We work hard to influence the key people who make decisions to understand the issues of families we work with every day.